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"HER MAJESTY is one of the best family films ever! A marvelous, touching, terrific, sensational movie."

"At a time when there is nothing for kids but hype, product placement and comedy of cruelty, this stunning film is true movie magic. I give it my highest rating... [Four Stars]"

- Jan Wahl
KRON-4 TV, San Francisco Examiner & KCBS Radio

"An exceptional movie—a must see!"

San Diego Family Magazine

"An unabashed crowd-pleaser much in the style of Whale Rider."

"If you want to take the whole family to a movie... Her Majesty is your best bet."

- Mark Burger
Winston-Salem Journal

"Andrews has real star quality"

"Gordon is attuned to the quirky nuances of rural life and
showcases them in all their eccentricity without overplaying them."

"Haughton is mystical and mysterious"

"Her Majesty is a heartwarming film that doesn’t wallow in saccharine. It tells a tough story without apologies and in the end charms the most hard-heartened in the audience with its sense of joy and justice."

- Andrea Chase
Killer Movie Reviews

"Sally Andrews is simply terrific"

The Hartford Advocate

"Andrews' impeccable performance as the starry-eyed preteen helps HER MAJESTY live up to its intentions as an endearing and inspirational story."

- Micky Michalec
Orlando Weekly

"HER MAJESTY is a great film that manages to capture something that many films today lack... It has a magic, special quality that arrests the audience and pulls the viewer into a magnificent world of Maori legends, deep friendships, and personal discovery."

- Travis Trew
Chicago Critics Program

"A family film with depth"

"a beautifully filmed story of loyalty, crossing cultural barriers, striking down racism and standing up for what's right."

"Andrews is a charming, bright-eyed delight"

"An intelligent film that not only teaches history...but also touches
on family values, first crushes, loyalty, perseverance, making the
right choices and overcoming intolerance in a way that’s entertaining,
not preachy."

- Bonnie Britton
The Indianapolis Star

"A cross-cultural tale from New Zealand guaranteed to make you smile."

"Universal themes, visual beauty and charming story of acceptance
and friendship make it the kind of movie you can fell comfortable
sharing with the whole family, from tweens to grandparents."

"an inspiring and entertaining film worth sharing with the ones you love."

- Beth Pratt
Common Sense Media

"Vicky Haughton is cranky, credible and heroic."

"Mark J. Gordon's admirable feature debut shows a sure hand with
every aspect"

"The actors may be unknown over here, but they will not be forgotten by those who see this enjoyable study in courage, character and being true to oneself."

"History, racism and decency clash - arguments about what's right are seldom presented so persuasively and powerfully in a film aimed
at all ages."

- Bob Ross
Tampa Tribune

"Perfectly charming...HER MAJESTY the kind of movie where you start out smiling, and then smile more broadly, and then really smile."

- Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

"Sincere & heartfelt"

- Carla Meyer
San Francisco Chronicle

"HER MAJESTY is a film that's long overdue. No special effects, no overpaid actors, no gratuitous sex or violence.....just plain old family fun. Majesty takes us back to a time and place we all wish we could visit. It is refreshing to see a film that, quite frankly, requires no rating. Filmed in lush New Zealand, the look is Majestic - the colors are rich... the soundtrack rivals that of any multi-million dollar epic. The actors' passion for their individual characters lights up the screen."

- Steven Gregory
Clear Channel Radio

"The down-under period charm of THE DISH...this spirited film...
somehow works.   Heck, the climax coaxed genuine tears and a sob from this reviewer."

"HER MAJESTY is as important a work as similarly themed projects such as Cry Freedom in South Africa or Skins here in the U.S., and could prove more popular for its crowd-pleasing intentions."

"Carefully woven subplots here include themes of colonial residue, its attendant racism, petty white class issues blown out of proportion, struggles for identity and cheese."

- Gregory Weinkauf
New Times

"Warms the heart and makes the audience think about humanity."

"The characters are so rich and full of life and conviction...one can't help but to laugh and cry along with them."

- December Lambeth
The Wednesday

"An enchanting story of faith, forgiveness and love, all ages will enjoy."

- Holly McClure
TBN Movie Critic

"Her Majesty is a film of surprising depth...and there is no doubting
the film’s uniqueness. It deals with the unpleasant problems of colonization and subsequent attitudes (including revisionist history and racism) from the perspective of a colonist child, an innocent in the cultural battle. Remarkably, HER MAJESTY remains a family film to the end. That’s a hefty order, but one Gordon has pulled off with grace."

"Gordon has found a real gem in Andrews. She is as genuine a young girl
as you’ll see in front of the camera."

"Haughton is equally wonderful as the aged outsider, Hira Mata."

- Jonathan Moy
Piedmont Post

"As royally charming as it is visually appealing. Your kids will like it and so will you."

- Gayle Bass

"A fabulous new film"

- Vince Koehler
Entertainment Spectrum

"Charming and whimsical"

- Vittorio J. Carli
Reel Movie Critic

"a heartfelt story about a girl who dares to dream"

- Leslie Katz
Oakland Tribune

"Like a vintage piece of Commonwealth kid’s literature"

Metro Silicon Valley

"Sally Andrews perfectly captures the sensitivity, silliness and innocent optimism of a girl on her way to becoming a young woman."

"A wonderful, feel-good again movie"

"heartfelt and satisfying"

- Kieth Merrill

"This is the best movie I ever have seen! The acting was excellent and story great! What girl wouldn't want to meet the queen? I especially liked the crush Elizabeth had on her teacher - it was so real especially the love letter. I wasn't sure this would be a movie for boys but there was enough action to keep my brother's attention. I am recommending it to everyone as a great family movie....I give it five stars and two thumbs up."

- Rebecca Wendt
Bear Essentials/News for Kids

"a family-friendly story that's suspenseful, entertaining, charming
and serious."

- Jolie Williamson
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Sally Andrews will melt your heart as this young dreamer
with character."

- Tim Miller
Cape Week

"Vicky Haughton is charismatic and convincing"

San Francisco Bay Guardian

“A splendid fantasy...Mark J. Gordon’s engaging film sits beautifully beside Whale Rider as a sweet and poignant consideration of race, class, childhood whimsy and the power of dreams.”

Riverfront Times

"HER MAJESTY deserves a crown!"

"an endearing, quirky, cross-cultural tale from New Zealand, HER MAJESTY carves out a unique spot in the genre."

"HER MAJESTY offers a miniature, slightly Splenda-ized history lesson that is both inspiring and entertaining."

- Kathy Cano Murillo
The Arizona Republic

"A lovely, sweet coming-of-age story"

"Majesty is a familiar story punctuated with surprises...heightened by mesmerizing cinematography."

"HER MAJESTY's other real star is cinematographer Stephen M. Katz, whose small town is as picture perfect as his rugged New Zealand landscape is beautiful.   He and first time writer/director Mark J. Gordon have a clear vision for the characters as well as the setting, and their work with the camera complements the story wonderfully."

"It has a dreamy innocence and stunning visual style"

- Hope Madden
The Other Paper


Orlando Sentinel

"A charming, moving, beautiful film."

- Dr. Marc Newman

"There's real integrity at its core."

- Paula Nechak
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"all the ingredients of a crowd-pleaser."

- Ron Weiskind
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A worthy story that also entertains."

- Dan Bennett
North County Times

"Holloway plays Mrs. Hobson as colorfully and broadly as one of her Rhododendron blossoms. Sheridan is an adorable Annabel. And crowning the production, Andrews is a lovely Lizzie, an earnest and strong-headed girl who dreams seemingly impossible things and whose valuable lessons have implications for the whole town."

- Deborah Hornblow
Hartford Courant


"Brashly upbeat...

a memorable debut from Sally Andrews...

a perky, feel-good film..."

- Eddie Harrison
Metro (UK)

"HER MAJESTY marks the beginning of a great career for first time director Mark J. Gordon..."

"Sally Andrews injects zest into the role of Elizabeth..."

"a heartwarming tale of friendship that crosses barriers of race and prejudice...All the elements of a darn good story."

- Gabriella Trybalska
iofilm review (UK)

"A nostalgic period piece, a chocolate box come to life..."

"It's shot with literal brilliance in a palette whose saturated primary colours give it the feel of a comic book and gives a more accurate snapshot of Kiwi life than dozens of New Zealand pictures..."

"It will please anyone who thinks that good wholesome films are a thing of the past."

- Peter Calder
New Zealand Herald

"American writer-director Mark J. Gordon has perfectly crafted a 1950s New Zealand of Edmond’s cookbooks, tea cosies and Mark 1 Zephyrs...

Sally Andrews gives a marvelous performance, capturing the innocence of a simpler time...

Her Majesty is a great little film. It’s a heartwarming feast of colour, a story of young heroes against bullying villains and a look at a New Zealand that is now long gone, both physically and socially. You’ll not be disappointed."

- Wayne Timmo
The Cambridge Edition

"A delightful, heart-warming film for all ages."

Visiting Arts in Edinburgh


"A preteen girl's obsessive quest to cross paths with young Queen Elizabeth during latter's 1953 New Zealand tour provides the charming focus for "Her Majesty," LA-based director-scenarist Mark Gordon's polished feature debut...

...Gordon's nifty scenario juggles various aspects -- ordinary brink-of-adolescence growing pains, multi-cultural tolerance lessons, suspense gambits -- with entertaining skill...

...Heroine's pluck, the mildly exotic Kiwi setting and overall likability could give this girl's-own-adventure leg-up entrée to the same underserved international aud (audience) that made recent 'The Princess Diaries' a hit."

- Dennis Harvey
Daily Variety

"A beautifully shot idyll about a young New Zealand girl's mania for a
royal visit..."

Film Journal International

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