Director's Note

       In my 16 year journey to bring HER MAJESTY to the screen I've learned a lot about persistence, passion, sacrifice and what it must feel like to walk up to a cliff and jump off without a parachute.

As a first time director shooting in a foreign country with limited resources, kids, a dog and no recognizable stars (but wonderful actors and creative collaborators), I very much wanted to tell a simple story of childhood hopes and dreams that audiences of all ages from any country in the world could experience and enjoy with equal satisfaction.

My dual ambition was to create a timeless fable for adults who still have the heart of a child, and, a soul-nurturing adventure for kids whose imagination, intellect and curiosity would not be satisfied by a trifle.

While the heroine of HER MAJESTY is a young New Zealand girl, the other heroes of this film are the courageous and steadfast private investors and the growing base of enthusiastic supporters, fans and friends of the film who have discovered HER MAJESTY at private screenings, festivals, and now via our steadily unfolding U.S. theatrical rollout, and have made it their personal mission to help spread the word all over the U.S., and around the world.

We are forever grateful to these early supporters and all those who may follow. A lot has been written in the past few years about independent films which have benefited from viral marketing and grassroots support. If there was ever a case where "word-of-mouth" and audience demand can truly make a difference, HER MAJESTY is just such a film.

As I will be traveling around the country to openings in various cities, I look forward to the possibility of meeting and speaking with many of you in person in the very near future. However, we'd also love to hear from you any time at:


Mark J. Gordon